Justified In Their Own Merit


On Judgment Day, many who made a public profession of being followers of Jesus Christ on earth will be shocked at Jesus’ reply. They would wished they were never born because they will be sent to God’s Lake of Fire. The verdict of God will be just due of their numerous crimes against Him.

In Matthew 7:21, Jesus says that only those who do the will of the Father shall enter the kingdom of heaven. But in the next verse, do you want to guess what defense will be given before the Lord of Glory? Arrogantly, their own good works. Do you really think a real disciple of Christ, seeing his own depravity, agreeing all the more that justice is deserving of reward for him & standing in need of a Savior, would ever use that as a justification for heaven? God forbids. For He made it clear, there is no salvation found in any other; except in Jesus Christ alone (Acts 4:12).

Do not come to Jesus for self-preservation because you don’t want to be singed by the eternal flames; lest He will cast you away from His presence. But, come, you who are carrying a heavy load of sins that you have committed against the Creator. Come under His good terms, and rest solely in Christ’s finished work. He was not spared on the bloody tree but submitted wholly to the will of God. After been publicly executed by His Father, His payment was acceptable to God; consequently, He rose from the tomb by defeating death, the power of sin and Satan.

Hearken my readers, it is better to not have been born at all than to face God’s just wrath in Hell.


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