Is Christianity ABSURD?


This tract reads

Have you ever wondered why would Christians believe in God? Why would they be persuaded of the existence of this Supreme Being who is of another class: holy? Who is perfectly good, faithful to His name and jealous for His reputation? Who is separated from all that is profane, sinful and evil? A God that cannot be manipulated and dethroned from heaven? A God that requires perfection and by whom Christians, prior to coming to faith in the Savior, stood liable to receive their just punishment for their crimes in Hell? Because when the innocent Jesus hung on the cross voluntarily, God the Father dealt with His Son as someone who had violated all of the commandments of God. And the Father was pleased to kill His only Son. An exchange took place: Jesus Christ satisfied God’s justice that was suppose to fall against sinners and He rose for their justification. DEAR READER, stop insulting the Creator who yet keeps your heart beating. Believe in Jesus that your offenses against God may be erased. Live the rest of your days honoring God. Get to know the Maker of the universe through His revealed word: the Holy Bible. Go share the good news and instruct others to follow in the steps of Jesus too.

Get this tract here.


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