Do You Have Life Eternal?

Unending communion with God begins the moment you glance something of the exceeding riches found in Jesus Christ. It is when, for the first time in your life, you found find the meaning of life and the purpose of your existence.

The 17th chapter of John’s gospel records that, as our Lord lifted up His eyes to heaven, Jesus prayed to His Father like a man. He requested that Christ would be together with His Father displayed as being valued for who He really is (highly beautiful and magnificent). Though He interceded for the believers, as their Surety, He spoke with majesty and authority; despite praying for mere men, He spoke as one equal to the Father.

Read the 3rd verse: “… this is life eternal, that they might know You the only true God…“. Note: though Jesus calls the Father the only true God, in order to set the Father against all false gods, He does not exclude Himself nor does He exclude the Holy Spirit as also being God. Now, while giving critical attention to this verse, ask yourself the following questions: Have I come to know this God? Have I come in contact with this great Being that is of His own class? And if He did manifest Himself to me, was there a sense that I knew I was in trouble and that there was no escape from Him? And did I understand that I deserve to be crushed like a worm because of my continuous lifestyle of neglecting Him, hating Him, and loving sin? Do I now desire to be pleasing to God? Do I have a new relationship with sin? Are there nights that I cannot sleep because of that one thing, knowing that Jesus died for me?

Dear one, does your heart beat for Him? Does it bother you when you grieve Him? Have you lost your joy in the Lord? Why is it so easy to give yourself to pornography, entertainment, triviality… ? It is idolatry to disregard spending time with God in prayer and in His word. I promise you that you will not grow as a Christian if you do not pursue God in the face of Jesus Christ! You will regret it if, at the end of your life, you realize that you only pursued Christ half-heartedly.


If there is something that can compare with the Son of God, who is the absolute favor of the Father, then how can you say that you have come to know Him? If you can go on in life without being disciplined by the Father when you step off from the path that leads unto holiness then you are still enslaved to sin, without the Savior, and heading toward Hell.



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