Descend Into Error

PSF-DIEThis is an eye opening article which contains 5 parts. It testifies somewhat to what I used to be, how my reasoning was, and how I behaved. The changes that settled gradually in me and made me contend for the Gospel through the lenses of Calvinism eventually led me to question its doctrine when I saw contradictions. One among the many is from the acronym TULIP: The letter L. I noticed a struggle reconciling my belief in Limited Atonement when I was evangelizing. I didn’t wanted to lie to my hearers so I changed my preaching, but while I did so I changed Scripture. I found myself inconsistent. And at times, each time I went to witness on the weekends, I hoped in God to regenerate them before they could grab hold of Christ and be saved. Then I would go to God and complain because no one came and it got to the point that my love turned cold toward the unsaved. And there were times that I wouldn’t complain for sinners not coming to Christ after presenting the Gospel — it must have been that I was more loving than God!

Anyhow, we are made in the image of God, so why wouldn’t we tell our children that we found it fit to thrown them out of the house for being rebels and never inviting them ever after (having even this decision planned before conception), and these whom we did not parent from birth we accuse of not having the proper confidence in us while we never parent them in the first place, onto the right path too! Having always commanded them to recant from their erroneous ways but we held back from helping them! What kind of monsters would we be? Oh, and also weeping for them…. yet we did nothing to put them on their feet!

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Descent Into Error
Mottos to Live By?
Judgment Without Discernment
Love Waxes Cold to the Unsaved
The Bible as a Spell-Casting Device

My testimony is now published “Why I Departed From Calvinism?” HERE


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