Dear Muslim


This gospel tract reads

How can something good come out of something that is not good? If God is good, will He accept something that is not good? Would you drink a glass of water that is poisoned? No, because it is not good. Can a criminal be a good person? If that criminal stands before a judge, would that judge be evil if he would set a criminal free? Would God be evil if He simply forgave you of your offenses against His very nature? In the Qur’an (Surah 19:16-19), God gave Mary a pure Son. Only God is perfect so then Jesus is the perfect Son of God. If we are not perfect, then God cannot accept us. What must you do to be accepted by God? You must believe that only through Jesus Christ you can be accepted by God. Jesus Christ called God Father. When He died, He said He was going back to His Father. This is not a lie. What did Jesus do to be accepted by His Father? God the Father demonstrated His great mercy toward us by sending His only Son to live a perfect, sinless life. Man is sinful. Jesus is perfect. Jesus went voluntarily on the cross to take our just punishment. On that cross, God the Father treated His Son as someone who had broken every commandment. God the Father was so pleased with the life and sacrifice of the Son that He raised Him from the dead! You too can have your life accepted by God by embracing the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Dear reader, I plea with you to repent and grab hold of the Good News of Jesus Christ as your life depends on it today!

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