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“There are counterfeits that intend to deceive you, presented as a new wineskin, a paradigm shift by change agent pastors, promising to bring you back to Biblical models, but beware!  That is what deception is all about!  It will be good, and it will fool everyone except those that have learned to follow His voice.  Those you love the most will try and draw you away.  But you don’t have to be completely alone.

There is some truth in what the cell church advocates say.  We do need other Christians.  We can’t stand alone, so ask the Lord to bring you to those of a like mind.  As we will see in the next chapter, and as we discussed in the last chapter, Jesus talks about us being a vine, not a tree.  Each Christian is directly connected to the Vine.  The toe takes orders from the head, not the foot.  There is no hierarchy of authority under the New Covenant.  Each member in the body must function.  These are not elective offices or positions but life functions.  One member is not better or higher than another.  They are not connected because they belong to the same organization but because they share a common life and that life should be expressed by EVERY member. Continue reading